For people who

For people who

Have severe and persistent dandruff

Have uncomfortable itchy scalp

Have seborrheic dermatitis; scalp ringworm (caused by the Pityrosporum folliculitis)

Have dry, brittle hair

Jasunny Hair Care Product Series

First choice for people suffering from Dandruff, Pityrosporum folliculitis, Itching scalp
Ingredients contain a duo of broad-spectrum active ingredients – antifungal (Ketoconazole) and anti-inflammatory (clobetasol):
Treatment of dandruff, itching on the scalp, seborrheic dermatitis caused by a scalp yeast (fungus) called Pityrosporum.
Quickly reduce symptoms of scalp flaking and scalp itching caused by the above factors (after only 1-2 uses)
Pleasant minty smell, does not make your hair feel dry and straw-like after shampooing

Why should people with Dandruff, Pityrosporum folliculitis, Itching choose Jasunny shampoo?

Comprehensive hair care
Treat fungal infections – Remove dandruff – Soothe itchy scalp – Nourish hair and scalp
Authentic brand
Jasunny is manufactured by Meracine Pharmaceuticals – a reputable company with more than 15 years of experience as a top leader in the Vietnam pharmaceutical industry.
Recommended by experts and consumers who have chosen and used for the past 10 years
Convenient to use
Easy to buy, the best-selling anti-dandruff shampoo at pharmacies, with more than 16.000 points of sale nationwide

What did customers say
about the Jasunny shampoo?

Gia Đình Truyền Hình MC.News Presenter Couple
My family likes the whole set, the Jasunny anti-dandruff products with the Jasunny Medicinal hair care ones. In general, it is a standard dandruff treatment shampoo from A to Z, which does dry out hair. Everyone should use it.
Quang Minh – MC/News Presenter
Jasunny is effective. After washing Jasunny twice, my dandruff and itchy scalp problems were completely gone. No more red inflammation and discomfort like before.
Chau Kim Cuong – Tiktoker
Jasunny treats dandruff quickly and has the plus point of being a pleasant smell, not dry or greasy, I really enjoy using it. Now I'm more confident wherever I go.
Bao Lien – Reviewer
Jasunny shampoo makes me fall in love because: besides the anti-dandruff shampoo, it also comes with herbal one. My hair is both dandruff-free and smooth, and my scalp also feels healthier.
Chuyennhachuoi – Tiktoker
Jasunny is really effective. After a second shampoo with Jasunny, my dandruff and itchy scalp problems were completely gone. No more red inflammation and discomfort like before.
Le Thi Ngoc Thuy – Reviewer
Jasunny is best-selling authentic anti antifungal anti-dandruff Itch relief shampoo at pharmacies. It has a pleasant smell. After using this, the itching is gone and dandruff flakes are also reduced.
Huong Kool – Tiktoker
Jasunny medicinal shampoo contains 12 precious natural herbs, helping to clean quickly, eliminate itchy scalp and dandruff, nourish smooth, strong hair, reduce dryness and hair loss.

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